Shots Of Southern Soul Vol 3 By Various Artists

Shots Of Southern Soul Vol 3

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Label: CDS
Release Number: CDC3

Track Listing

Track No Title clip
1 The Body Roll (Jim Bennett) listen
2 If You Only Let Me Kick It Witchu (Mister Zay) listen
3 The Gas Is Too High (Chick Willis) listen
4 Everybody Step To The Steppin' Song (Sir Jonathan Burton) listen
5 You Never Know Who You Gonna Love (Carl Marshall) listen
6 Never Had It This Good Before (Bobby Conerly) listen
7 The Hands Of Time (Big G) listen
8 Can't Help The Way I Feel About Cha (Sir Jonathan Burton) listen
9 Lonely Is This House Tonight (Chuck Roberson) listen
10 Just How Bad I Feel (Bobby Conerly) listen
11 I Just Can't Go On Mrs Jones (Cicero Blake) listen