Salute To The Blues By Lonne

Salute To The Blues

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Another fabulous CD by Lonne. This one actually precedes Still Holding On by a couple of years and contains a magic version of Sweetness. Check the soundfiles. Particularly his version of Little Milton's "Let Me Back In"; "Trying Not To Break Down" "Keep It A Secret" and "Bet I Get Your Love."

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Label: G&G
Release Number: GG-0125

Track Listing

Track No Title clip
1 Salute To The Blues
2 Let Me Back In listen
3 Trying Not To Break Down listen
4 Bet I Get Your Love (Vocal) listen
5 Ten Dollar Budget listen
6 Salute To The Blues (Instrumental)
7 Still Called The Blues
8 Keep It A Secret listen
9 Everything Out In The Open listen
10 Sweetness listen
11 Bet I Get Your Love (Jazz Version)