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*****Soul Discovery Playlist 5th April 2009*****

Play-List 5.4.09
The Rhythm All-Star “Stuck” (Jomar)
Big Bub “My way” (Kedar)
Makeda “I wish” (Twelve Tribes)
Marcell “I can’t wait” (Promo)
The Texas Boys “Show love” (Blackberry)
Vick Hill/Jimmy Hamilton/Carl Bennett
“Make it last” (JL)
Duane Williams “I’m in love” (Soul Junction Promo)
Keith Johnson “Don’t give up” (Worldwide)
Stan Kenton “Keep pressing on” (Blackberry)
Freddie Lee “Oh how I love you” (Butterfly)
Final Verdict “Get better” (Soloist)
Andre Hudson “Come from the heart” (H2H)
Skrilla “All the way” (Nadjaron)
Robert Tillman “You Babe” (Waldoxy)
E-Life “You’re the one” (Dele)
Shirley Brown “When I hear your name” (Malaco)
Charles Wilson “Give me your love” (CDS)
Shawn Lee “To tired to sleep” (ubiquity)
Shirley Brown “Why” (Malaco)
E-Life “You said” (Dele)
Marcell of Marcell the Truth “Save Me” (Promo)
Daybreakk “On & On” (Soul 1st)
B.T.S. “Come home” (Grand Jury)
The Chestnut Brothers “Come to me” (Arent)
Randy Brown “In the night time” (Soundtown)
Ten-63 “ I need you” (Promo)
Men of Distinction “ Action (speak louder than words)
Marcell of Marcell the Truth “Somewhere in-between” (Promo)
Cardell “A girl like you” (Classic Soul)
Duane Williams “I wanna be with you” (Soul Junction Promo)
Ten-63 “ You and me” (Promo)
Soul Vaccination “I’m almost halfway” (Marco)
Makeda “The Dayz” (Twelve Tribes)
Shirley Brown “I don’t wanna leave” (Malaco)
Fat Gallon “Free my love” (H. Stone)
Andre Marcus “I can stand” (H2H)
7 Sons of Soul “Need you (Verity)
Jesse James “The pants song” (Promo)
Shawn Lee “Cruel woman” (ubiquity)
TiO “Love & Happiness” (Realife)
Ballads - Will You Be Here (P-Vine) CD track
Holden Brothers “If I didn’t have you” (HB)

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