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****Soul Discovery - Soul Essence Special****

Carla Thomas “Love Among People”
Kerry Norton “Thank you lord”
Funk Filharmonik “If We Make Love First/We’ll Make Love Last”
Holden Brothers “If I didn’t have you”
Doktu Rhute(Roy Hightower) “Trumpin’ my ace” (
Charlie Thomas “We got the love”
Roger Smith “I always love you”
Clarence Dobbins
featuring Omar Cunningham
"Don't Give Up On Me (Remix)"
Ben Gold “You’re my woman”
Howard Hewitt & Antiontte Manganas
“Where do we go fom here”
Great Yarmouth Soul Weekender

Soul Essence Special

Bob Cosby (BC) /Brian Goucher (BG)
Jessie Graham “When I think of my baby”(Ichiban CD) BC
Sam Dees “Touch me with your love” (Jasrac CD) BC
Gloria Scott “What am I gonna do” (Casablanca LP) BC
International Five” So in love with you” (Starway 7’) BG
Internationals “Too to be lonely” (DAR 7’) BG
Holidays “Too many times”(Marathon 7’) BG
Tony Lampkin “Trouble being a man” (SRI 7’) BC
Congenial Four “You played the part” (Capitol 7’) BC
Larry Santos “We can’t hide it any more (Casablanca 7’)
Theodis Ealey “If you leave me” (Ichiban CD) BG
George Jackson “I want that love black” (Black Grape CD) BG
Tashan “Romantically Inspired” (Columbia CD) BG
Melvin Brown & James Mathews “Love stormy weather”
(Philmore Sound 7’)BC
Marvin Gaye “Soon I’ll be lovin you again” (Motown CD) BC
David Ruffin “I Just can be hurt anymore” (Motown CD) BC
Cicero Blake “Here comes the heartache” (Tower 7’) BG
Johnny Dynamite “Everbody’s clown” (Minaret 7’) BG
Fred Martin Review “Take me back again” (Ru-Jae 7’) BG
Vic Marcel “You still got me” (RCA 7’) BC
Temptations “Aiming at your heart” (Gordy 7’) BC
Roosevelt Mathews “You got me digging you” (King 7’) BC
Charlie Wilson “There goes my baby” (Jine CD) BG
Andre Lee “I’ll do whatever2 (Cape Town CD) BG
Kindred “Love we share (Hidden Beach CD) BG
Extra Special “It’s a miracle” (ESP 7’) BC
Sly Slick Wicked “We don’t have to be lovers” (Shaker 7’) BC
Johnny Adams “Your a bad habit baby” (SS 7’) BC
Shirelles “There’s a storm going on in my heart” (Mercury/Blue Rock 7’) BG
Young Divines “Ain’t that sharp” (Note 7’) BG

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