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**Soul Discovery - Playlist 31st May 2009**

E-Life “You’re the one” (Dele)
Reggie MaGee “Pressin’ on” (Makarios)
Stephanie McKay “I Believe” (Origami)
Jimmy Abney “Nothing feels better than you” (Yoruba)
Stephanie Pickett “I sill want you baby”(Aviara)
Ollie Woodson “Never give up” (Ollywood)
Charles Wilson “I don’t want take a chance” (Severn)
Tashan “Life goes on” (Tashan7)
Duane Williams “I’m in love” (Soul Junction)
Andre Marcus “Time to pray” (H2H)
Brian Courtney Wilson “Just love”(Spirit Rising)
Charles Wilson “Troubled Child” (Severn)
B-4 Real “Oh Lady” (Next Hit)
Kastina Harper “Keep your head to the sky” (DL)
Reggie MaGee “Tears” (Makarios)
William “Smoke” Howard “I love your melody” (Jay st)
XXCeption To The Rule “Call me” (Promo)
Lacee “It takes more than that” (Advantage)
J.M Silk “Heart of passion” (RCA)
Maurice “I’ts be revealed” (Verl)
Chantique “I know I’m falling in love” (AIP)
Scott Bee TGG “Summer love” (Black Rock Inc)
Marcell of Marcell the Truth “I can’t wait” (Promo)
Kendra Legare “Remind me of you” (Life, love..)
LeBrado “Sunshine” (MCR)
Chairman of the Board “What woman wants” (Surfside)
Ollie Woodson “Give me one more chance” (Ollywood)
Dottie Peoples “It’s not goodbye” (Muzik)
Stan Mosley “Why you won’t leave” (CDS)
Ruben Studdard “Don’t make ‘em u no more” (Hickory)
Stephanie Pickett “Run’n”(Aviara)
Malloy “I’m ready” (Malloysoul)
Tashan “Honey Fiend” (Tashan7)
William “Smoke” Howard “Deeper” (Jay st)
LeBrado “Keep you near” (MCR)
Holden Brothers “If I didn’t have you” (HB)
Ellis Phelps “Because of you” (Sedona Crusin)
Michigan Soul Searchers “Where could I go” (Bell Time)
Eddie Floyd “I've been missing you” (Shotgun Promo)
Maurice Eric “Sometime in life” (ME)
Charles Wilson “I don’t want take a chance” (Severn)

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