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******Soul Discovery Playlist 28th December 2008******

105FM Cambridge

Archived show is currently available 28.12.08 (209)

itune Podcast 28.12.08

Play-List 28.12.08
Lenny Williams “So very hard to do”
Winds of Fate “Precious lord”
Chuck Arrington “My sole desire”
Alex Lattimore “Kissing you”
Jeff Floyd “Lock my door”
Andre Lee “I’ve found what I’ve been looking for”
Chucki - Don't Stop Loving Me
Duane Williams “Yes my love is real”
Lee Fields “At the end of the day”
Common Knowledge “Just Friends”
Spencer Wiggins “Key to the kingdom”
Willie Collins “Destiny”
Fathers Children “Key To My Heart”
Andre Lee “Too Late”
Lawrence Beamen “Alright with me”
Michigan Soul Searchers “Where could I go”
Brother Tyrone “I never found a girl” (Mindbender)
Willie Tolver “It’s Only a Matter of Time”
Deborah Cox “Did you ever love me”
Greg Rose “I still get off on you”
The Rhythm Allstars feat: Geoff McBride
“I’ll work for you”
Clarence Dobbins - Call On Me
Pookie Lane “Work it out”
Episode “I don’t wanna lose your love”
Roy Hightower “Don’t feel sorry for yourself”
Marvin Webb “It’s Time for Love”
Rodney Salisbury “Wait on me”
Zay “Trippin’”
Andre Lee “Southern Soul Man”
The Chestnut Bros “Come to me”
Bernard “Kingdom of love”
Mary Taylor “Yes, he loves me”
Vice Chapman “Key Conversations”
Heet ‘n’ Koolin “I’ll be there tonight”
Parker “This world gone mad”
The Chestnut Brothers “Mountain of love”

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