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***Soul Discovery CD***

CD arrived today (20th August) do not miss this it's awesome.

A Reminder of the track listing.

1. Doktu Rhute (Roy Hytower) "Trumpin' My Ace"
2. The Controllers "Still In My Heart"
3. T.P.O.B. "Forever"
4. Clarence Dobbins (w/ Omar Cunningham)"Don't Give Up On Me (Remix)"
5. Stephanie Pickett "Run‘n" (single vers.)
6. Jason Little "Come Back"
7. Nellie ‘Tiger' Travis "Queen Of The Blues"
8. Marcell & The Truth "Communicate
9. Maurice "How Can You Say You Love Me (2009 Mix)"
10. Kashious "Waiting For Your Phone Call"
11. T.J. Hooker-Taylor "Ready For The Rain"
12. Xxception To The Rule "Loving You Is The Best Thing"
13. Fathers Children "If I"
14. Andre Marcus "Come From The Heart"
15. Carl Marshall "Good Lovin' Will Make You Cry"
16. Oak III "I Can't Say No"
17. Cobra Heart Band "Thinking Of You

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