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****Soul Discovery Playlist 21st December 2008****

Cambridge 105FM
Sunday 12.00-15.00

Archived show is currently available 21.12.08 (209)

itune Podcast 21.12.08

Christmas special .....Sunday 21.12.08
Kevin Oxberry (KO)
Paul Thrower (PT)
Brian Goucher (BG)
Mark Merry (MM)
Mark Houghton (MH)
Eddie Hubbard (EH)

Play-List 21.12.08
Rodney Salisbury “Wait on me” (MM)
Andre Lee “I’ve found what I’ve been looking for” (MM)
Alice Ashley “We can overcome” (KO)
Donnie Ray “Come back” (MH)
Joe Quaterman “I’m trying love again” (EH)
LJ Reynolds “So good” (PT)
Willie Wright “I’m so happy now” (BG)
Michigan Soul Searchers “Where could I go” (MM)
Apostle JL Cash “Got to Believe” (KO)
Victor Field “Love will save the day” (MH)
Arthur Adams “Let me love you tonight” (EH)
DA’Quba “So happy” (PT)
Rickie Boger “What could it be” (BG)
Maya Hawthorne “Just ain’t gonna work out” (MM)
Willie Hutch “To right to be wrong” (KO)
Eddie Holloway “Hey Girl” (MH)
George Jackson “It’s all in the mind” (EH)
Willie White “Always thinking” (PT)
Climates “You & me (BG)
Ronnie Barnes “Don’t be afraid” (MM)
Timothy Garner “In your own way” (KO)
Bigg Shady “My hero” (MM)
Maxine Brown “Don’t leave me baby” (EH)
Sing Sam Moore “All the things in life” (PT)
Immortal Soul “Tell me what you know” (BG)
King Tutt Band “Now you wanna let go” (MM)
Jerome Jackson “He lives” (KO)
L Sydney Davis “Show my love to you” (MM)
Marvin Simms “Love is on the way” (EH)
Frankie Gearing “Say you love me” (PT)
Willie Clayton “Main squeeze” (BG)
Deborah Cox “Did you ever love me” (MM)
LSO “Down” (KO)
Dottie Peoples “It’s not goodbye” (MH)
Levi Stubbs “Red hot love” (EH)
Coretta Davis “Still love him away” (PT)
Hortense Ellis “Still love anyway” (BG)
Dells “Xmas Song” (MM)

Look back @2008....Sunday 28.12.08


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